Bookkeeping Job Description

Many people are confused about the job description of a bookkeeper. This is because there are so many people that don’t really know the difference between a bookkeeper and an accountant, and that is why they are getting confused about the job description for a bookkeeper. Here is some information that you can know about the bookkeeper’s normal job description:

Paying accounts

It is the responsibility of a bookkeeper in Melbourne to make payments to accounts that need to be paid. This is something that needs to be done on a regular basis, to make sure that there are no accounts that are in arrears.

You can let an accountant handle the accounts that need to be paid, but you don’t need to pay high salaries to someone with qualifications, if the bookkeeper can do this task. This isn’t something that a bookkeeper can do, without any problems.

Payroll up keeping

If you don’t make use of a payroll service, then the bookkeeper should be able to do the payroll of the employees each month. There are some businesses that are using an accountant for payroll, but this isn’t really necessary to hire an accountant for this type of work.

The only thing that is essential is to have the best possible payroll software, and then any bookkeeper can do this line of work. Payroll can be in the job description of a bookkeeper, even if the bookkeeper doesn’t have qualifications but only experience in payroll.

Day to day banking

In any business, there are banking duties that need to be done. And, this is normally the duty of the bookkeeper in Melbourne. This is one of the most common job descriptions that a bookkeeper has.

However, In some cases the business owner prefers to do this task himself, because of the danger that the bookkeeper can find herself in. Going to a bank with a large sum of money can be dangerous and some business owners realize it. Some are even going along with the bookkeeper to ensure her safety.


A job description that might not be suitable for all bookkeepers, especially those without qualifications, is doing the taxes of the business.

This is something that can be dangerous and that can cause some serious trouble if it isn’t done correctly. Most companies are outsourcing this type of work, or they are hiring an accountant for this. However, if a bookkeeper has the right qualifications, then it can be one of the bookkeeper’s job descriptions that she needs to do on a regular basis.

Knowing the common job descriptions of a bookkeeper is essential in two ways. First for the owner of a business. Because he or she should know what they can expect from a bookkeeper, and when they might need to consider hiring an accountant as well. Secondly, for the bookkeeper, because she needs to know what she can expect when she is going to apply for a bookkeeper’s position. There are many different job descriptions for a bookkeeper in Melbourne, but these are the most common job descriptions that you can expect. Find out more in this site :

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