Outsourced Bookkeeping Services – Seven Questions to Ask Your Bookkeeper

Outsourced Bookkeeping Services – Seven Questions to Ask Your Bookkeeper

Bookkeepers Melbourne remains important for every active business. You not only have to ensure your books are in order but that you understand how your business is progressing. Outsourcing is a popular sell for most businesses and when you look to bookkeeping services you must ask the right questions. The following are seven very important questions to ask your new bookkeeper.

Are You Able To Handle Small And Large Businesses?

Certain bookkeepers don’t cater to all businesses as some specialize in smaller businesses and others deal primarily with big organizations. It’s best to understand from the get-go which companies the bookkeeper will work with so that you don’t waste time with a service that can’t handle your books. If you have a small business you need to make sure you focus on the bookkeeping services that specialize in small businesses.

Outsourced Bookkeeping Services – Seven Questions to Ask Your Bookkeeper

Do You Understand My Company And its Organization Structure?

Every business has its own structure and it’s important for the bookkeeper to have experience with similar companies. Experience counts greatly and you need to ask the hard questions. Asking a bookkeeping service whether they truly understand how your company works is important. They need to be fully engaged in how your company runs.

Do You Use Bookkeeping Software And If So What Type Of Software?

Most bookkeepers Melbourne use bookkeeping software in order to achieve better accuracy and better results. Always ask the bookkeeping service about the software they use. Also read more on this reliable source bookkeeperco.com.au to know more. If they use software (and most will) then find out what the software is. If you would prefer to use certain software let the bookkeeper know because they usually will use what you ask for. Of course most bookkeepers are familiar with the latest software so don’t be too afraid to make a suggestion or two.

Will You Be Able To Handle Yearly Financial Reports?

A bookkeeper can often help deal with additional tasks such as reporting and paying income taxes and you need to know whether or not your new bookkeeping service will offer this. Dealing with yearly financial matters is tough but the bookkeeper can take this weight from shoulders. However, don’t be afraid to ask this question, and don’t forget because it can be very important for you to know.

How Do You Communicate If There Are Problems?

Bookkeepers Melbourne should have an array of methods in which they can contact you. Communication is vital with bookkeeping because if there happens to be an issue you need to be assured the bookkeeper will do their best to contact you. After reading whole article check out this site here. They should have a range of communication methods such as telephone calls, emails, Instant Messaging, fax and live and video chats. Asking this question can help you to understand how modern the company really is.

Will You Personally Handle The Books?

Whether you hire a freelance bookkeeper or a bookkeeping service it’s crucial to understand who exactly will be dealing with your books. You ideally don’t want a freelancer to take you on as a client only for them to pass your books to someone else. You want to know if they are personally handling your books and if not whom. Bookkeepers Melbourne with small companies usually has a group of people working for them so you could always enquire about the professional and ask to meet them. This may sound over the top but it could put your mind at ease.

What Are Your Fees And How Are They Set-Out?

An important question to ask your potential new bookkeeper must be about the costs and fee structure. Every freelancer or bookkeeping service will have their own prices set-out but you still need to understand how they will charge you. If you ask for a complete breakdown of what you’re paying for most will oblige and offer you a complete run-down of the costs. This can make you feel more comfortable with the service which is vital for most business owners today.

Ask the Important Questions

Most business owners are afraid to ask the tough questions but it shouldn’t be this way for you. If you don’t take the time to sit down and ask the necessary questions then you could make a terrible mistake. You may not like the idea of creating a list of questions; however, it could be very important for your business as a whole. The above questions are important ones to ask but if you do have other questions on your mind don’t be afraid to ask the bookkeeper before you hire.

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